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Cheree’s last day 5 years ago

Jul 24, 2015 — It was 5 years ago today that our wonderful, sweet Cheree was taken from us. Together, we can continue working to bring good out of this tragedy, because the more signatures we have, the more chance we have of being heard.

We’re asking for an interconnected, integrated, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, law enforcement, corrections system, where all principles are unified and can communicate effectively to stop felons and illegal aliens from murdering innocent people.

Cheree's last day, 5 years ago, recounting a wonderful life, tragic murder
It is a crime that still resonates with the hardened police force that investigated it, and still resounds in the memories of the politcians and neighbors in the quiet neighborhood. Cheree Osmanhodzic...

Family asks for help to support Cheree’s Law

Jul 23, 2015 — Please read and share this story, our family gives a heartfelt Thank you to Mike Szymanski for all of his articles. He knows Cheree’s case very well, was there from the very beginning and has been following it the past 5 years.

Family asks for help to support Cheree's Law, stop a revolving door of violence
It's not just the butterflies, or pictures of fairies, or her niece's favorite color purple that reminds Karen Turner Sutton of her beautiful niece. Lately, it's the news. It's the senseless gunning down of Kate...